50th Celebration Memories

On October 6, 2019, residents were asked to “share your favorite thoughts or memories living in Wesleyan Hills”.
Read their treasured memories!

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  • Great neighborhood for bringing up little children
  • Catching turtles in Red Pond with my brother
  • Having the Barns always available for community events like the Pinewood Derby, Scout Pack meetings, etc.
  • Hanging out with other families on our island
  • We moved to Blue Spruce Street in 1972 and in 1987 I got married in the Barn! I also worked at the tennis club. I loved the duck pond and the islands.
  • Walking the trails and playing Pooh sticks with my children on the Red Clover bridge
  • Watching a heron take off from Red Pond
  • Riding my bike on the trails. Also, my friends walking to my house.
  • I moved to Wesleyan Hills nearly 15 years ago and it’s the very best thing I could have done. Now retired, it’s the BEST PLACE EVER! Love walking the trails. Thank you, Wesleyan Hills, for being a positive and wonderful place.
  • Walking and counting the turtles in the “Turtle Pond” across from the Barns
  • Walking trails! Open space! The Club!
  • Laying in the sun on the hill
  • Duck Pond-Pool Club-Walking Trails-Walking to Wesley School
  • The tree lighting
  • Meeting those who turned out to be my best friends ever!
  • Marching for “Save the Ducks”
  • Playing “Manhunt” with all the kids
  • Playing “Jailbreak” in the 90’s
  • The Pool Club!
  • Walking the trails and meeting dogs
  • Ice skating wit Hunter and Amanda on the ponds by the Barns
  • Sledding at the condos
  • It’s peaceful and quiet except for the wedding music
  • Our home looks out over the Blue-Ridgely Brook and trail. We love the willows. Love seeing people, children walking and playing, their pets and nature’s gifts. Seventy years ago, Bob rode his bike through farmlands here. Keep the willows!