Articles about the history of Wesleyan Hills.
Wesleyan Hills .A Special Place: Robert Fralick's memoir as the first resident and manager of Wesleyan Hills
 WH Memoir by Robert Fralick May 2012.pdf
Copy of the original brochure used by Hill Development about the Barns, the Farmhouse (616 Long Hill Road) and the Hubbard family  WH Barns Hubbards Farmhouse 1970 brochure.pdf

Wesleyan Hills Association gets National Recognition  Wesleyan Hills 1970.pdf
Wesleyan Hills Association 40TH Anniversary 1969-2009
By George Reif
 WH George Reif's history of Wesleyan Hills.pdf
ConnecticutHistory.org: Wesleyan Hills Helps Redefine Suburbia